At the heart of Hamilton 2030 is Sport.

The Coalition of Communities involved in the 2030 Games bid have hosted many successful and well known sporting events, some of which include the 2018 World Junior Ultimate Championships, 2015 Pan Am Games, Around the Bay Road Race, and 2018 FIBA U18 Boys Basketball Championships. These municipalities pride themselves on being sport cities, promoting an active lifestyle.

The breadth of the game hosting experience and array of existing facilities that meet international standards along with those that may be built through private public partnerships in the years ahead powerfully positions this region for a successful bid.

Central to the event itself is the development of a compelling Sports Program that identifies the events proposed to be held during the Games and the facilities that will host them. The preparation of a bid sports program first requires direction from the rights’ holder, in this case, the Commonwealth Games Federation, as to the mandatory, optional and recognized sports.

As we speak, the CGF is in the process of revising its Sports Program, as there is a greater desire for flexibility in the program depending on the host Nation/Territory, as well as incorporating sports of local interest. In addition, the Federation recognizes that sport changes with generations, as such, this evolution will allow for the introduction of popular new sports, such as eSports. By making these revisions to the Sports Program the CGF is reducing potential barriers and limitations for prospective Nations/Territories to seek a bid.

Hamilton 2030 - Para-athletes

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Hamilton 2030 - Lacrosse

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Sport & Venue Development Program

Our area has a front row seat to the best of sport. As evidenced by a successful 2015 Pan American Games in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area and although delayed because of COVID-19, the hosting of Canada’s most prestigious national multi-sport games, the Canada Games in the Niagara region in the summer of 2022, the Golden Horseshoe is well equipped to host a successful 2030 Commonwealth Games.

In anticipation of the finalization of a Sport Program, and in recognition of the need to maximize the return on investment in facilities previously built for prior events while minimizing demands on public funds for the construction of new facilities, Hamilton100 and Commonwealth Sport Canada have created an innovative approach to sport and venue alignment and development by inviting proposals from municipalities, venue owners and operators and interested private sector development partners.

Beyond ensuring that such facilities – existing or proposed – meets the appropriate international standards, our resolve is to assemble a range of facilities aligned with compelling sports that represent diversity in location, are accessible and, in circumstances where facilities are to be constructed, satisfy a compelling local or regional need irrespective of the Games bid and do not impose any pre or post Games operating demands on municipalities unless they express a desire to do so as an element of the Games bid.

Hamilton100 Sport Program Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference


The Hamilton 100 Sport Program Advisory Committee is an ad hoc committee which will develop a strategy and recommendation to Hamilton100 on a proposed 2030 Commonwealth Games sports and venues program. The Committee will also participate in strategic initiatives to ensure the proposed 2030 Commonwealth Games sports and venues program contributes to Hamilton being awarded the hosting rights for the 2030 Commonwealth Games. 


The Chair (1) will be a representative from Hamilton100 Bid Committee. The remaining 5 committee members will be representative of 2030 Commonwealth Games Bid key stakeholders (i.e. Hamilton100 (1), CGF (1), CSC (1), Ontario Government (1) and First Nations (1).

All committee members are selected based on:

  • knowledge and experience working in sport and hosting major games, 
  • previous experience in international games/events bids and initiatives, and
  • not associated with a proposed sport or venue (volunteer, paid staff, consultant, etc.), to avoid any possibility of a real or perceived conflict of interest.


  • Consult with Bid/Games stakeholders (such as federal, provincial, and municipal governments, national/provincial/local sport organizations, venue owners and other interested community groups, etc.) and First Nations.
  • Based on consultations and a business case, develop and recommend a proposed 2030 Commonwealth Games Sports and Venues Program compliant with CGF Guidelines.  
  • Develop/Recommend a strategic analysis and business case for proposed dates and events schedule for the 2030 Commonwealth Games.
  • Develop proposed general policies and guidelines related to the planning and delivery of the 2030 Commonwealth Games sport competitions.
  • Participate in the development of all required Submissions and Agreements (i.e. Hosting Proposal, Candidature File, Multi-party Agreement, Host City Contract. Etc.) as they relate to the proposed 2030 Commonwealth Games sport program.
  • Develop the strategic approach to gain worldwide support of a proposed 2030 CWGs sport program, including participating in the Bid’s international activities (i.e. meetings, presentations, etc)

For more information regarding the Hamilton 100 Sport Program Advisory Committee:

Greg Maychak
maychak.greg [at]

Brian MacPherson
brian [at]





Variyan appointed as Commonwealth Sport Canada director-at-large

Just a signature isn’t going to cut it – huge opportunity for the city to leverage the Commonwealth Games. It can happen

A 50 hectare piece of property is expected to be the location of some of the Commonwealth Games Infrastructure