New Role for Louis Frapporti

February 9, 2022

Fuelled by private sector enterprise, ingenuity and resources, the team vying to bring the 2030 Commonwealth Games to Hamilton has reinforced it’s commitment to a lasting and positive legacy if awarded the Games.

In order to deepen the Games’ bid innovative commitment to the engagement and participation of the private sector in partnership with municipalities in the 2030 Games initiative as the bid process enters into a critical domestic phase, Hamilton 2030 President PJ Mercanti has announced that Games Advisory Board Chair Louis Frapporti will now transition to a new role as the advisory lead for external private sector/municipal stakeholders involved in the Games initiative.   As with his role as Games board chair, and consistent with the bid organization’s commitment to forgoing public funds prior to a formal government commitment to submit an international bid, Louis’ role remains a community volunteer undertaking.

“Having helped to curate a new more sustainable model for multi sport games predicated on non governmental leadership and more immediate return, I’m very excited to be able to focus my work on the Games initiative on the private sector’s participation, especially in the area of infrastructure funding and development, on a variety of notable catalyst development projects in the Region.”  Louis Frapporti

Hamilton 2030 has pledged to reinvent the multi-event sports model, while bringing social change to the host city and area.

Hamilton 2030 President PJ Mercanti believes this new role will reinforce the Games motivation to engage private sector and municipal leaders, allowing for clear communication and commitment as the bid enters into its final phases.

“Lou’s passion has always centered on the transformation of the underlying Games business model, particularly in our ambition to broaden the key stakeholders beyond government to include the private sector, post secondary institutions, the not for profit sector and municipalities, and this a logical transition as we work to bring the Games back to Canada.  I look forward to working with him in this new role.”  PJ Mercanti

This announcement now formalizes Frapporti’s role as the private sector’s chief liaison and ambassador to the Games bid.  He will continue to have a significant voice in the future development of the bid.