Creating and resourcing a movement aimed at broad community impact requires open and inclusive consultation with the broadest cross section of citizens. In our view, the following principles must guide this process:

Safe & Inclusive

People from different backgrounds, interests, and communities, are able to speak and to hear each other.

Multiple Platforms for Participation

Different people will choose to participate in different ways. Through this process a variety of ways of participating in the dialogue shall be made available. Ultimately it is our objective to engage in the manner in which people choose to engage.

Respectful & Accountable

We will not always agree with the outcomes – but we should always be able to respect the process and each other.


Meaningful engagement starts many years before the Games and continues for many years after. Through the initiative of the Games we seek to build long-term organizational capacity for ongoing engagement

Hamilton 2030 - Community Engagement

Infrastructure and Planning

The 2030 Hamilton Games bid is a private sector lead initiative, aligning with private sector experts and innovators to fuel opportunities throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH). Already, there are a handful of lead projects serving as catalysts for action. They will act as revenue streams for later initiatives in the design and planning process of the Games.  Bold and bright, these community centric plans are aligned with that of the Games’, creating healthy and sustainable projects for all, focusing on fostering the wellbeing and success of residents and communities.

Downtown Hamilton Revitalization

The Hamilton Urban Precinct Entertainment Group (HUPEG) will oversee a multi-year, multi-million-dollar project funded by the private sector and designed to inject a new wave of activity into First Ontario Centre, the First Ontario Concert Hall and the Hamilton Convention Centre. A mixed-use Art and Entertainment District will rise through improvements to the public realm and existing facilities, and the incorporation of new uses. The area will be transformed into a vibrant hub to live, work and play. The proposed LRT Line along King Street will connect neighbourhoods from across Hamilton to the District, and will connect First Ontario Centre to other major destinations within the City.

Hamilton 2030 - Downtown Revitalization

Burlington - 1200 King Road Master Plan

Directly positioned east of the Aldershot GO Station and bounded by Highway 403, King Road, and the rail tracks, 1200 King Road is a great opportunity to reimagine this property as part of the vibrant Aldershot Village and the broader Burlington community. Master Planning work is currently underway to establish a long-term vision for the lands that will leverage the resources and opportunities presented by the Games to realize the City of Burlington and community’s goals and needs.

Penta Properties, the owner of the land, and DIALOG, the engaged multi-disciplinary planners and designers, are envisioning a community that is ‘Designed for Wellbeing’, that will be committed to conserving and enhancing the wellbeing of natural systems, supporting public investments including transit, demonstrating leadership in sustainable development, and supporting a diverse community through a mix of uses.

We invite private sector developers who are committed to promoting our values of sustainability and wellness and who interested in aligning regional development projects to the Games bid to contact us to discuss the suitability of your projects to this initiative.





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